Our Programs

Our Programs

- Day Care -

Infants / Toddlers

Our Childcare Programs start with the infant program designed for children 6 weeks to 9 months old. During this time, babies are encouraged to roll-over, crawl, and grasp objects with the help of dedicated teachers. After this period, they are then assisted to further develop in terms of motor skills, basic speech and social skills. Call to schedule your tour today.

Pre-K For All

Our pre-kindergarten program supports the need of children to explore, create, and participate in learning activities with the company of other peers and adults. This program brings together learners of various backgrounds to promote a highly diverse environment that children need in order to acquire great foundations in learning skills needed for life in general.

Jr. Kindergarten

Our Jr. Kindergarten program is for children four years of age and is designed to further facilitate their learning through structured and unstructured play, and age-appropriate instructions from teachers. Our goal is to better prepare students for the challenges of grade school and to better shape them socially and morally for the big world.

- Grade School -

Kindergarten - 5th

Our grade school program provides for academic teachings in subjects like Math, Reading, Social Studies, Physical Education, Spanish, and Technology. Our classes are from 8am to 3pm in the afternoon. Students have the option to enroll in our After School program and enjoy extracurricular activities within the secure school setting.

After School

We provide after school programs for children who want to fill their afternoon with fun and learning activities. We offer classes in music, dancing, martial arts, and creative crafts so children continue to acquire non-academic knowledge even after their last class. Parents can also be at peace knowing that their children are in a safe place after school.

Remote Learning

We recognize that many families are faced with significant challenges associated with our state’s Remote Learning Programs and we are here to help!. We are happy to be available for Remote Learning Assistance. We have flexible schedules to accommodate “hybrid” models and are available from 7am to 7pm each weekday. Bussing services are available. 

Tutorial Services

A Child’s Place offers customized Tutorial Services for children who need a little boost with their school work or a little help with their homework. The time spent with your child during tutorial is also ideal to introduce them to new activities or learning methods that will make it much easier for them to cope with their academic challenges.

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